Fellow Artists/Fellow Muses

[engraved wood, glass, paintbrush handles, artist’s hair locks, 2010, 1.40m x 0.60m]

Echoing the glorious panels of the Royal Geographical Society medalists, this piece is a celebration of the career of eight fellow women artists [Agnès Poitevin-Navarre, Susan Stockwell, Nina Torp, Gayle Kwon Chang, Yara El Sherbini, Nicholette Goff, Rita Keegan, Cleo Broda]. The location of their shows is recorded as latitude and longitude coordinates and a keepsafe of their presence on this planet is embodied in the hair lock used instead of the bristle of a paintbrush.

The piece evolved from the original idea of an iconic monument for travelling artists, of the very romantic notion of The Grand Tour, an artistic initiation. Instead of locating great architecture and Roman landscape, the latitude and longitude coordinates track the career path of these eight artists on a global stage.