Eye contact Double Video projection 1997

In this double video projection the artist records a journey on the train. A bunch of artists from all over the world are reading books, their accents and choice of book reveal more of them than their mere appearances. One’s eye contact to the page triggers the sound of one’s mute voice when that person is the point of focus of the double projection. The concave and convex angles of the hybrid image create a quality of non-static spatiality, quality reinforced by the constant weight of the images balancing each other. Such device aims at grasping the ephemeral presence [in this carriage] of these travellers, their potential cultural and geographical points of reference. The eye of the travellers bcome a sonic antenna recording their reading of the situation. The double view of the camera constructs triangular angles which reflect on the everyday experience in-between the confinement of one’s space and the response to outside conjunctures. Featuring as passengersare the artists: Raimi Gbadamosi, Sophie Saunders, Ola A Bamgboye, Rita Castro Neves, Amy Cheung, Genista Durham, Nina Torp, Fabricio Manco.