Yet To Be Titled

The Diamonds Series

The Diamonds Series is available for purchase. Please contact the artist.

The Oracle

Noble Are The Dreams

The Three Graces

In her large drawing “The Three Graces”, Agnes Poitevin-Navarre bridges mythologies, stories and archetypes of the old […]

Colour Coding Obama

Le Fil d’Ariane

[Artist’ hair embroidered on metis linen in double-sided frame, 2011, 0.50m x 0,50m] Embroidered diagrams locating the […]

Colour Coding series

“Colour Coding Julien & Jasper – The Age of Innocence” [Diptych – eight colour inkjet prints on […]


[found photographs and Letraset, size variable, 2006] The Filters series deals with the space in-between black and […]

Fellow Artists/Fellow Muses

[engraved wood, glass, paintbrush handles, artist’s hair locks, 2010, 1.40m x 0.60m] Echoing the glorious panels of […]

Tour de Controle

This animation of the artist orbiting on a 360 degree revolution, seen through filters of colours problematises […]

Twelve Degrees of Integration

[colour inkjet Duratran print encased in lightbox, 2002-2004, 1.50m x 1m] This piece is an elaborate visual […]


[installation and photographs, 2008, height 1.52 m/5 ft, width variable] This installation of life-size silhouettes relates to […]

Banana Wigs series

The Reader

[photograph/photogram, 2007, size variable] Codified portrait of a student based on the philosophy that one educates ‘the Head, […]

Murmurs painting series

Proustian Map series

“The Proustian Map of London”, a 6m x 4 m wallpaper installation, was exhibited at the Royal […]

The Knowledge – Land of Wisdom and Land of Achievement

[inkjet print on paper, 2006-10, 1m x 1m, diptych] For this piece, the artist involved Londoners to […]

Toulouse Diaries 1993

Toulouse Diaries 1993 Diary scores in wooden box These visual diaries record in twelve pages a three […]

Eye contact Double Video projection 1997

In this double video projection the artist records a journey on the train. A bunch of artists […]

Mururoa Song 1995-1996

score printed on paper and sound on tape This work references the nuclear tests that took place […]

Telephone Installation 1996

Two old fashioned phones are perched on plinths during the Bound show at Commercial Two Gallery, London, […]

Fractions & Equivalences Blackboard

Chalk [1m X 2m] Blood lines have justified wealth and status within the aristocratic circles whilst segregating […]