“Noble Are The Dreams” exhibition is now on. Not to be missed! Please make an appointment to see it.

Artist Agnes Poitevin-Navarre posing between “The Candidates” installation and “The Oracle”

Detail “Cartouche with Academic Eyes” 2018

“Noble Are The Dreams” is a monologue exhibition encompassing drawings and paintings that explores themes of mythologies, stories and archetypes. The colourful paintings, just like the ‘Murmurs” series did previously, are an invitation to contemplation yet, with very loose gestures, possible interpretations are multiplied. Presiding over the colourful work is the first part of a trilogy entitled “The Candidates” and two “Academic Lips” circular canvases sidekicks. The eyes are the guides. The audience is encouraged to add their own reading. The curating of each piece interacting with others and the audience makes this exhibition quite unique. Not to be missed.

The finissage party will be on Thurday 19th April.

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