The artist Agnes Poitevin-Navarre is currently gathering answers to plod on the new Proustian map and is requesting all interested Londoners to participate [apart from Tower Hamlets E2 section that is now closed]. The deadline is Friday 23rd March.

So far, the varied and interesting answers include:

Borough of Barnet – a drama teacher hoping to be ‘in Dorset, eating fish and chips by the sea’ whilst in neighouring Brent, a 19-year-old unemployed girl is hoping to ‘be where yesterday is envious of tomorrow’

Borough of Camden – an engineer hoping to be ‘home with his boyfriend and his dog’, someone happy to be ‘right here, right now’, or a solicitor ‘awash in a euphoria of reading and relaxation’

Borough of Lewisham , a man hoping to be ‘Shaking my tail feathers at Sydney Mardi Gras 2013’

Borough of Lambeth, a female digital storyteller hoping to be “In the middle of row C in the stalls at the Royal Opera House”

Borough of Hackney, a man hoping to be ‘among the English poets’, a woman ‘coccooned in a blanket of love with her partner for the rest of her life’

Borough of Waltham Forest, people mentioning Buckingham Palace, Miami, Lego shop, Canada or a Arsenal vs Tottenham match as their destination…

All 33 boroughs will be covered so please take part

Whilst plodding, the artist will add more updates on her Facebook page and you can see the unedited version of the interview between the artist and curator Michelle Brown…

“The Land of Hopeful Commuters”, the lastest version of the Proustian Map series has been  commissioned by London Transport Museum and will be displayed at the Museum from 18th May until 28th October 2012.

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